Data Control Technitic says it is part way through the development of an alternative supply chain to support development of new products.

Hong Kong-based LiDAR innovator, Data Control Technitic says it has moved to construct an alternative supply chain it hopes will reverse the damaging effect the US-China trade dispute is having on its schedule for product launches.

Last month, the company acknowledged that the dispute was creating what it described as “bottlenecks” in the supply chains that existing and forthcoming products rely heavily upon. At the time, is also warned that the trade dispute could have serious ramifications for ongoing development if it were to extend beyond the end of this year.

“We were minded to wait to see how talks between the two sides progressed but all we’ve seen so far is further escalation in tensions so we’ve had little choice but to begin exploring alternatives,” explained the Data Control Technitic Chief Technology Officer alluding to the recent increases in tariffs levied on Chinese imports into the US and American imports into China.

Data Control Technitic would not divulge the specifics of what it is sourcing but it did confirm that it would focusing mainly on suppliers on the mainland and further afield in Japan and Europe.

“Our engineers have been working tirelessly to come up with ways of supplanting tried and tested componentry with similar parts from other suppliers without, of course, adversely impacting upon reliability or functionality,” added the Data Control Technitic CTO.

The company confirmed that its forthcoming hand-held LiDAR scanner will definitely be delayed as a result of the ongoing supply issues but the CTO said there was an outside chance that any delay could be minimized if the alternative supply chain cold be put in place relatively quickly.