Fairfax, Virginia (webnewswire) May 17, 2019 – BBG Broker, an employee benefits brokerage, recently released a blog answering the question “What are the four major types of employee benefits?” Providing your employees with benefits is an excellent way to retain and attract talented team members.

Giving your employees a variety of robust benefits options shows that you care about their well being outside of the office. This sends a strong message about how much you value their contributions to the company. For many employees, the lack of benefits could be a dealbreaker and prevent them from accepting an otherwise good job. This is because securing the essential benefits of retirement savings and medical, life, and disability insurance can be extremely difficult and expensive without the support of an employer. Offering these benefits therefore gives your employees peace of mind and allows you to assemble a strong team.

There are four major types of benefits: retirement accounts and medical, life, and disability insurance. Retirement accounts give employees the opportunity to contribute a certain percentage of their paycheck to their retirement savings. Employers can support this by matching up to a predetermined amount of each employee’s contributions. Medical insurance gives both employees and their families an affordable way to receive medical care. With disability insurance, employees who must take an extended leave from work can still receive compensation, protecting their personal finances as they recover from an illness or injury. Finally, life insurance helps provide for the families of employees who have passed away. These benefits all give employees the ability to plan for the unexpected as best they can, giving them the resources they need to ensure that they will be able to financially care for themselves and their families.

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