Are you in planning for a Cheap Car Rental in Orange County, CA for the long term, here are the things to the 5 most frequently asked questions about long-term car rentals?

1. What is long term rental? How much?

Long-term rental is an alternative formula to buying a vehicle and leasing, which allows you to use a vehicle without owning it and without necessarily having to redeem it at the end of the rental contract.

To rent a car in the long term from top Car Rental Company in Orange County, you only have to pay a monthly fee, determined on the basis of the duration of the contract (ranging from 12 to 60 months) and on the basis of the mileage required.

2. Who can rent a car for the long term? What documents do you need?

Long-term car rental is for anyone who wants alternative mobility, not aimed at owning a vehicle. You can rent a car in the long term whether you have a VAT number, which allows you to download the rental costs even up to 100%, as is the case for freelancers, commercial agents, entrepreneurs, whether you are a large, medium or small company but also if you do not have a VAT number.

3. How do you choose a rental car? What are the delivery times?

The customer has at his disposal a vast assortment of vehicles that can be hired in the long term, to be chosen according to his needs and preferences. Long-term rental is an opportunity to drive the car of your dreams that, otherwise, you could not buy: sedans, station wagons, SUVs, city cars, but also commercial vehicles.

In case you are not satisfied with the choice available, you can also configure yourself, with the support of a specialized consultant, the vehicle you want, customizing it based on the type of vehicle, segment, brand, color, the option of each gender.

The long-term rental is, therefore, the ideal solution for those who need a custom-designed vehicle, according to their own working needs or personal desires.

4. What are the advantages of long-term rental?

Best Van Rental in Orange County, CA for a long-term rental is a formula that is convenient from an economic and a management point of view as well as an operational one.

5. What happens in the event of a fire or theft of the long-term rental vehicle?

In the event of theft, a long-term rental is worthwhile because the rental company will allow the customer not to suffer an interruption of his mobility by guaranteeing him a replacement vehicle that has the same characteristics as the one provided for in the rental contract, pending to have a new one with a new contract.