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Swiss watches are an absolute sign of quality. Everyone knows that they are the best, and everyone knows that they are the most expensive. Swiss watches are not so much an element of material well-being as a symbol of excellent taste. Their potential is inexhaustible. We can say with confidence that no matter how much time passes, they will still remain the most prestigious and mysterious watches with a great history. Surprisingly, although Switzerland and the watch industry are inextricably linked, the first watches, which were called pocket or wrist, were designed in Italy, France, England and Germany. And only thanks to Catholics who were persecuted, watchmaking reached Switzerland, where it received active development. In the middle of the 16th century, the best watchmakers gathered in the Protestant city of Geneva, where jewelery was very actively developed. Apparently, combining these two crafts, it turned out that it became popular all over the world. But no one could have imagined how it would all end. Today, Swiss watches can be found anywhere in the world.


Not all “Swiss” watches are equally Swiss. Cheap models that are saturated with the Eastern European market are most often assembled in China or Taiwan. In fact, they do not have the right to be called Swiss. Only models assembled in Switzerland and where at least 70% of parts are produced in the Swiss Confederation can call themselves that way. The most expensive and prestigious brands are fully created on the territory of this country. The cost of the finished product depends on the classification, which include watches: quartz or mechanical. The use of precious metals and stones, manual assembly and the prestige of the brand multiplies the price almost indefinitely. There is not much to think about the convenience of socks. For example, the most expensive watches from Frank Muller in the world, which only take a year to assemble, are intended more for admiring than for wrist: 50 layers of mechanisms make them too heavy and large.


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