May 26, 2019: Online Luxury Travel Marketplace BlueWander has recently launched the Beta version of its next-generation online luxury travel marketplace. The luxury traveler has selected India as its first destination to launch a new model designed to meet the shifting demands of the growing segment of modern travelers.

The company has used intuitive technology to reinvent the luxury travel industry. With BlueWander’s proprietary platform, travelers for the first time can get unprecedented access to authentic, local expertise and unique experiences in exotic and unexplored destinations all at their fingertips.

“The concept of a luxury vacation is evolving as travelers today care more about one-of-a-kind, transformative travel experiences than ever before, along with a deep desire for sustainability and impact,” said Nishant Aggarwal, founder, and CEO of the San Francisco-based company.

Speaking on making India it a premier destination, Aggarwal said, “India is unmatched in terms of its exquisite beauty, culture, and history. We selected it not only because it’s growing tourism industry provides an opportunity to expose this richness globally but it’s a chance to change the world’s overall perception of India to help continue to foster economic development through tourism in my home country.”

In the last several years, the Indian government and other major luxury hospitality brands have been stepping up efforts to boost innovation in the category to attract more foreign tourists and spending in the country.

A number of travel industry veterans jumped on board, including Indian adventure traveler Ajeet Bajaj, former President of the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India, along with former executives at TripAdvisor, Travelzoo, and Orbitz. In addition, BlueWander has partnered with several award-winning India-based travel management firms and plans to onboard a select group of other forward-thinking DMCs in the coming months.

Who is BlueWander?

BlueWander, a US-based company, is an online luxury travel marketplace that matches affluent travelers directly with hand-picked in-destination travel agents and provides a platform to manage the entire planning, booking, and communication process from start to finish.