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New Mexico, United States – Help Hollywood I’m trapped in New Mexico a new web series produced by “Brenda Montoya” directed by Evan Safford and also featuring original music by the great talented Evan Safford sets to be premiered on May 30th 2019.The epic web series is been tipped to win an Emmy Award along with its talented actor Evan Safford this year.

“Nothing is impossible – it might sound too ideal, but if you possess an indomitable spirit and a never-say-die attitude, you can achieve the world” well said by Evan Safford. That’s not all – you can inspire and influence people with your ideas and thoughts at the click of a button. Yes, the entertainment world has built an empire of influencers, who are icons in their own niche and relate to the masses in an effective manner. One such name that comes to mind for great achievements in Hollywood is Evan Safford.
Help Hollywood I’m trapped in New Mexico is currently one of the most trending web series that is captivating the heart of fans globally. It tells a story of Evan Safford a New Mexico born. After becoming homeless while chasing his music dreams, Evan Safford returns home to New Mexico feeling more like in the land of ENTRAPment than enchantment. Can he realistically pursue his huge goals in a city that closes by 8pm? Or should he give up? The web series is a fully embellished production that plays down on Evan Safford real life story.
In a recent press release statement Evan commented “Like most millennials who grew up in New Mexico, I was gone after high school. This web series gives a voice to the big dreamers in our state and with the recognition of an Emmy Award this year for me will definitely change the mind of those who think they can’t be who they want unless they leave”.
The ever-changing entertainment world continues to evolve overtime and the talented singer/songwriter ‘Evan Safford’ seems not to be left out in helping to shape the American entertainment industry to be amongst the giants in the world today. “My goal is to always provide my fans and all Americans with soulful web series that will always uplift their souls and keep them in a cool comfort zone” said Evan Safford.
Join in on May 30th 2019 for the red carpet as they premiere the whole season of this short form series in consideration for 2 Emmy Awards including Outstanding Actor in a short form series for local singer/songwriter Evan Safford. The event is free and welcomes all art enthusiasts to come join our celebration. Pictures & drinks will begin at 1030pm with the show starting at 10:45pm.
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With what has been heard so far Evan Safford and “Help Hollywood I’m Trapped in New Mexico” is making its way up to be listed for Emmy awards for outstanding actor in a short form series and outstanding short form series comedy or drama. As long as he is breathing he will make the world love his movies.
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Evan Safford is a multi talented singer/songwriter from New Mexico who seeks to enlighten the world with his short web series “Help Hollywood I’m Trapped in New Mexico”. Coupled with drive and passion he is unstoppable.

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