Are you looking for best practices to increase awareness for your metro style business?

To meet your business objectives influencers marketing is a best practice to increase brand awareness, they can attract their audience or fans to promote your product by using a promo code and drive more sales.

Metro style Promo codes typically used to get discount on accessories, dresses, outerwear, and shoes, etc. you need to create a promo code for your influencer who have to advertise your product with that promo code in front of their followers then you will be able to increase your business revenue from each influencer’s fans.

Benefits of Metro style promo code:

In influencer marketing that promo code can provide many benefits, it can help to:

• Build Brand awareness
• Increase product sales
• Improve Return on investment

In influencer marketing, metro style promo code generally uses alone or linked it with the unique Tracking URLs which also known as UTM codes. According to your brand natures, you can use these strategies to boost your sales and increase your brand awareness. Both of these strategies give distinct benefits to your business which we will share below.

1. Create alone or Specific promo code:

Share a specific promo code to any influencer may help to keep things easy. It’s not just to give the chance to meet their favorite personality but also they can get the opportunity to save their money through that discount coupons. That specific metro style promo codes with your influencer also help your product keep track of which they are driving additional sales.

How do promo codes work?

You create a promo code or discount code for your influencer which they use to share with their fans or audience who are their followers and inspired with them. These followers will attract to your brand, that approach will make you able to increase your ROI, and help to track how much revenue each influencer brings through it.

Reasons for promo codes:

Promo codes mostly use to boost your sales and promotion purpose. Reason to assign a metro style promo code to any influencer is not just to increase your brand awareness among their followers, but also important to help in driving lots of sales. If they help to boost your sales and increase return on investment it’s mean they are working right and their audience is the best target for your brand.

Metro style promo codes help to increase subsequent purchases. After their one time purchase, a customer directly visits your website and purchase your product using their influencer specific promo code or use that code again for a discount. In Coupon strategy you can also use Pop-Ups it may be different from those codes which you use for your online sales websites. You can also offer one of these types of metro style promo codes:

 Free gift promo codes
 A percentage off promo code
 1st Xyz to RSVP promo codes
 1st Xyz to whisper a term promo codes

Instructions for success:

When you start an influencer marketing campaign it is important to assign a unique promo code to your every influencer for tracking ROI. For example, if I need to start an influencer promotion to promote a great discount on my metro style products. I will create and assign a unique metro style promo code for each influencer because it helps me to indicate the exact amount of income that each influencer contributed at the end of this campaign.

2. Unique Tracking URLs or UTM codes:

It is great if you use promo code alone for your brands. But to increase the number of click and traffic on the website many brands use both promo code and unique tracking URLs in combination. That unique tracking URL with UTM codes (are code that we add at the end of a URL) tells you from where you get the traffic on your site. Influencer use that metro style promo codes and their Unique tracking URLs to increase site click through their followers

How Unique Tracking URLs and UTM code work?

A unique tracking URL with UTM code help to track from where and by which channel your traffic is coming from and which campaign is associated with this traffic.

To build your own unique Tracking URLs with UTM code you can get help from a site named “Google’s URL builder” where you need to submit specification of your campaign, for example, campaign source, campaign medium, and campaign name, etc.

Reasons for Unique Tracking URLs and UTM code:

Unique Tracking URLs with UTM codes help to increase brand awareness and public commitment. The advantage of using unique tracking URLs rather than Promo codes alone is that it helps you to observe the conversion and number of clicks or traffic by using google analytics. If you receive a lot of traffic from any influencer but not enough increase in your sales that’s mean there is some problem with your product and website checkout procedure. In metro style promo code alone you cannot see any sales and if sales are low there are more chances of miss understanding and sometime you might wrongly assume that the influencer campaign is not working properly.

Instructions for success:

A metro style promo code is a valuable part of metro style business’s marketing strategy. The importance of using Unique Tracking URLs with UTM codes to track the Stability of Influencer marketing campaign return on investment. You can create that tracking link through UTM limitations. You can also use to create and set up your influencer tracking url Google URL builder. You just need to enter the following information:

 Enter your websites URL
 Your influencer marketing campaign Source
 Your Influencer marketing comping Name

After filling all that information you look end result in the form of URL. Now you can use that link for your influencer marking campaign. There are many options where you can create that links like Software, that software gives options of easy and short links which is easier to remember and understandable for influencer followers. You can use free options for it or paid campaign and the cost for that campaign is totally depending on your requirement and the seller.


A promo code is a very important part of influencer marketing strategy, it gives lots of benefits for your online business especially a smetro style promo code are a valuable piece for your brand awareness and also increase your sales. Through influencer marketing, you can boost your sales, increase ROI and also help to drive social engagements.