At a Glance!
Start-Up: Wooden Street
Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat
Year It was Founded: 2015
Location: Udaipur
Section: Furniture E-Commerce
Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture

A chair relates to furniture that can fit itself with any other furniture, whether a dining table, study table, or a dressing table. But why should a chair always be completed with other furniture and not by itself?

Well, to do complete justice to chairs in any home, Wooden Street has introduced a mind-boggling range of high back chairs. High back chairs from Wooden Street are no less than a throne with a chair that has a seat so comfy and backrest so tall.

Each of the high back chairs at Wooden Street is forged with the ultimate beauty of fabrics that are printed and some that have bold solid colors.
Fabrics with floral prints like scarlet blue, dusky leaf, rosy leaf, and teal tulip make it the most eye-arresting furniture that can be solo and stunning. But not only is it about the printed fabrics that make it so exquisite, but it is also the high backs of the high back chairs that make it so distinct.
On the name of high back chairs, Wooden Street has played with high backs in the unique ways with different types of high backrests of each of the chairs. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. Deep Buttoned Tight Tufted Pattern
High back chairs have backrests that are made in a way that makes it the comfiest with the softness of deep buttoned tight tufted pattern. The segments on the backrest make it perform snugly with a splendid appeal.

Example of it is high back chairs like Danon and Acuff high back chairs from Wooden Street. These high back chairs are forged with tufted patterns over its backrest to make it look gorgeous and feel comfy.

2. High Backs with Wooden Framing
While high back chairs have always been understood as a chair that would be completely upholstered, there are certain high back chairs that are elegant with a summation of wood along.

For instance, Wooden Street has an Adire Highback chair, which is an epitome of it. Although it is upholstered like any other high back chair, wooden framing along on backrest and armrest makes it the most distinct.

3. Winged High Back
This is the most regal form of a high back chair that one can ever find in any abode. It holds a design of a high back chair with wings that are embossed forward from the edges.

Just like Joan high back chair from Wooden Street, which is a chair that is upholstered from head to toe. The backrest is extremely tall with wings coming ahead. Choices of so many solid colors and so many bold and intricate patterns make it worth adorning to the abode.

4. Semi-Circular High Back
This type of high back chair has a backrest that is inverted with a semi-circular pattern. It turns out to be the comfiest high back chair as it can shelter your body inwards to bind more coziness.

Example of it is Ryan lounge chair from Wooden Street. This lounge chair holds a semi-circular backrest, as mentioned above.
Moreover, the use of curves on the legs makes it even more ravishing high back chair.

5. Chesterfield High Back
A Chesterfield sofa is not only one that holds the comfort of a sofa, but there is something extremely unique that makes it different from any other sofa. It holds feminine curved armrests that make it the most distinct.

So, there are certain high back chairs that are inspired by a Chesterfield sofa like Danon highback chair from Wooden Street. Tall backrest with curved armrests and fantastically printed fabrics wrapped on it makes it extremely authentic for any abode.

With so many varieties, many more high back chairs are forged and fabricated beautifully. Not only this, but Wooden Street also holds “customization” services that have made every purchase easier. It is because of this service that every individual gets exactly what they want for their home.

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Wooden Street has initiated to enhance the aura of every abode with different high back chairs that go Solo and Stunning.