StaffCircle launches new ebook to help organisations make their values more visible

[Leicester, UK]: StaffCircle has released a new ebook, The Guide to Bringing Corporate Values to Life, which is available for free download. This new publication from StaffCircle provides a step-by-step process for turning values into behaviours within values-driven organisations.

“Making the step from having a set of corporate values to those values being meaningful to the day-to-day running a business can prove to be difficult” says Martin Broadhurst, Head of Marketing at StaffCircle. “We wrote this ebook to help those organisations who are struggling to make values feel real in their business. It was an area our customers had expressed difficulty with and it seemed like an good fit with our aim of helping to create high-performance, values-driven organisation.”

The new ebook provides readers with.

• Step-by-step process: Easy to follow process for turning values into behaviours

• Templates: Four templates to create a values-driven action plan for your business

• Insight: Real-world examples and evidence that show the ROI of investing in your corporate culture

The Guide to Bringing Corporate Values to Life ebook is available for immediate download for free. Visit