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The experienced litigators at LA Car Accident Lawyers can fight for the full compensation of cyclists who are victims of road accidents.

[LOS ANGELES, 5/24/2019] – Cyclists who experience vehicular accidents on or off the road can turn to LA Car Accident Lawyers to represent them in the court of law. The law firm’s team of experienced trial attorneys can guide clients on what information they need to secure after an accident, enabling them to receive just compensation.

Securing Vital Information

Information collection after an accident is crucial. A cyclist who gets involved in an accident, however, will be in pain and shock. They may not be in any condition to collect vital details. As such, the attorneys at LA Car Accident Lawyers can secure them on behalf of the client. They will find out the offending driver’s name and contact information, as well as their driver’s license and vehicle registration.

They will also track down and collect photographs of the accident, the damage it caused to the client and their bicycle. They will duly collect any video evidence from surveillance cameras and dashboard cameras of any vehicles involved in the incident.

Compensation for Hardship

LA Car Accident Lawyers will fight so that any cyclist that comes to them for aid will receive the compensation they deserve from the parties at fault. The firm’s lawyers will represent clients for compensations from property damage, lost wages from confinement and rehabilitation, and any incurred medical expenses. They will further pursue reparations for any pain and suffering that the cyclist suffered as a result of negligence.

About LA Car Accident Lawyers

The firm’s lawyers have more than 20 years of experience representing clients in personal injury and car accident cases. Its lawyers also work on trucking accidents, pedestrian accidents, and accidents involving ride sharing apps. LA Car Accident Lawyers also handle wrongful death cases.
With each case, the firm’s aggressive and dedicated litigators ensure clients receive fair treatment and the best representation in court.

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