Dubai: For businesses long associated with UAE’s commercial landscape, a “gold residency” represents the final frontier … and one that could now be within their grasp.
“Now, with the gold residency permit, it would be our endeavour to be eligible for the permanent residency that comes with it.” (Multiple members of a family become eligible for the same residency rights.)
As for Paras Shahdadpuri, who heads the Business Leaders Forum, the visa reform further secures the rights of overseas investors in the UAE.
“This is not about wishing to be a UAE passport holder — everyone understands the ground reality from the population numbers,” said Shahdadpuri. “But if arrangements can be made for a permanent residency for those with investment exposures in the country, that in itself represents true progress. In the present conditions, it will in its own way open up foreign investments into the country.”
He plans to apply for the gold card scheme at the earliest opportunity. Investors and business owners are waiting to know the base parameters that will define their eligibity for the scheme. While it is clear cut for professionals in sectors such as health care and other highly skilled professions, what would a business owner need to do? What businesses can qualify and what would the level of investment be?
Shaikhani Group really appreciating this step, now people who have a dream to live in UAE they can come and stay for 10 years without any hassle. Furthermore, people can feel safe to invest where they live for 10 Years, it is a quiet long time to spend somewhere, specially when you have chance to renew your visa again. UAE is a primary home for us Said by Mr. Ahmed Shaikhani