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Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company. The spokesperson of the company announced the launch of a multi tenant conferencing solution. This solution is a ready to use conferencing software which can be used by any company. This multi tenant conferencing solution is named as VinConf.
“Businesses need to attend meetings on an ongoing basis to expand their reach and revenues. These meetings need to travel from one place to another and as we all know travelling often waste productive time of professionals as well as money. The conferencing solution can provide an experience of a face to face meeting without travelling. The VinConf is a complete conferencing solution which can be used to meet collaborative meeting requirements of the companies”, shared spokesperson of the company.
The VinConf is a multi tenant conferencing solution, which means it supports subaccounts / tenant accounts. This helps in a simplified management of resources and track productivity, investment and other metrics in the business. These metrics help in many ways to the companies.
The VinConf: Multi Tenant Conferencing Solution can also be used by the organizations which have multiple branches for complete control. For example, multispecialty hospital or bank with multiple branches can have this conferencing software for client meetings, training, board meeting, new solution explanation and more. All conferences can be recorded for future reference and to assure quality of service and professionalism.
The VinConf is a complete conferencing solution which provides omnichannel communication. This conferencing software is a combination of three major types of conferencing solutions as listed below:
• Audio conferencing solution
• Video conferencing solution
• Web conferencing solution
The VinConf: Multi tenant conferencing solution is furnished with a wide array of features as listed below:
• Remote access
• Tenant support
• Dynamic conference
• Conference recording and playback and download
• Raise hand
• Dialout
• Call management in real time
• Polling
• Conferencing schedule
• Mute
• Umute
• Kickout a participant
• Phone book
• Display current speaker
• Notification and alerts
• Entry chime
• Exit chime
• Screen share
• File share
• Music on Hold (MoH)
• Private conferencing
• Public conferencing
• Reports
• And more
The spokesperson of the company shared that the company will also provide customization in this multi tenant conferencing software solution based on the conferencing needs of its customers. The company will also provide custom development, if needed. The VoIP developer of the company can integrate any API in this VinConf: Conferencing solution.