Now plus sized people have a reason to rejoice- after the company launched its special collection for men and women, with different types of clothing and at pocket-friendly rates.
As an online boutique that meets the needs of customers galore, Selaros went ahead this time to satiate the needs of its plus sized fashion lovers. The cheap dresses collection will be unveiled in a few days and boasts of a rich mix of cheap dresses. This time the company’s gone ahead and included both males and females under its client list to avail these much needed dresses. Also, the dresses are soft and light coloured, which the team members ensure will allow maximum comfort.
The industry is flooded with online fashion outlets and each one has a specific story to tell in terms of how the success path has been achieved. Selaros too has made a name for itself chiefly because of the versatile collection it has provided to many. The chic and trendy offerings are often from reputed brands and some were even introduced via this site, which are currently sensations. Each of the brands that the site showcases are known for exclusivity in terms of aesthetics. And to top it all, all their clothes are priced reasonably.
The plus sized clothing contains an array of choices at the disposal of the customers, notably women’s blouses, tees, shirts and dresses. On the other hand, the male counterparts can take their picks from shirts, tees and casual pants. “While the idea was at its nascent stage, we decided to give it shape. Hence, our designers and sales team members sat for hours and designed exactly how and what we will do that will help this plus sized collection see the light of day,” said a very senior member of the sales team at Selaros.
The CEO of the site said, “We generally get reviews from our valued customers and they provide us their feedback. Most plus sized people insisted that a separate collection must be launched from our site, keeping them in mind. After a lot of deliberation and discussion, our team went ahead with this plan and here we are ready with the new collection that will be unveiled shortly. The prices are quite low and that’s certainly a big add on when it comes to purchasing.”

About the Company
Selaros is a reputed online outlet that procures quality clothing at discounted rates.
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