To experience harmony in your hectic era, listening to the Bible sermons will advantage you in countless ways. Keion Henderson is a well-appreciated pastor available at the Lighthouse Church of Houston. He ensures short Bible sermons to serve you as well as troubles that arise in your socially, economically, and culturally destitute areas.

The fact is sermons that offered by the Houston Northwest Church by the Keion Henderson will amend your life to positive and influencing. He delivers his sermons in a way that would catch the awareness of the worshippers. Undoubtedly, it’s true that nothing can amend the supremacy of the Holy Spirit; worthwhile rhetorical skills are significant for effectual preaching.

If you are seeking to capture the wisdom and God’ attention and blessing, then Pastor Keion Live Sermons are the best track to follow for steering up your own thoughts. His preaching style is really amazing as it comprises meaningful and influencing sermons, thereby listeners can listen to it carefully as well as to the fullest. To turn his sermons more influencing, he used to add illustrations, illustrations, questions and jokes so well. You will never feel any boring or hectic listening as he keeps live interaction with the listeners and also asks questions and gives answers to clear all doubts revolving in your mind. Hence, the best way to listen to his sermons is joining the Houston Northwest Church each week.

About the Lighthouse Church in Houston

Lighthouse Church was established in 2009 with somewhat more than 100 pretty members that have now grown to a flourishing congregation of above than 7,500 church individuals. All the members come to this one of the Pentecostal Churches in Houston to attend weekly services. It is a pleasure to say that the church has above than 30 ministries who provide weekly progress and actions to the community. The intention of this church is to increase and enforce activities to help humans cope the issues which cause the demolition and destruction of the own family structure, and grant all segments of the people attending worship globally.

The Lighthouse Church in Houston is an apostolic Pentecostal congregation of different languages, culture, and backgrounds. With a humble welcome, we invite you to seek and experience a closer and deeper relationship with our Christ and to take participates in our dynamic services, activities, and workship. By us, your life will be transferred by the power of God.

To join this Pentecostal Churches in Houston, you can contact us through the email, phone and website:

Contact Details:
Address: 6650 Rankin Rd.
Humble, Texas 77396
Phone: 281.741.3693