Still hung up on mobile phone or voice automation to control your smart home devices?

Vandy, a Tantiv4 team member, embarked on a mission to develop a new smart IoT remote that can control home devices from one pad, can be shared by all members of the household with ease and, yes, it doesn’t need a phone to operate!

With the sleek and smart FetchitGO- IoT remote hung up on your wall, you just press a button to start your WEMO coffee maker, even before you enter the kitchen! When done with party makeup, your daughter just presses a button to call a taxi right to the door. When in the mood for Sunday evening family time, you can switch your Hue light to your favourite color. Out of eggs after a healthy morning breakfast? With FetchitGO, add it to your Evernote list. The list is endless. And all this without having to install multiple apps on your phone nor going through pain of sharing your account with your household!

“It is such a simple device that is easy to learn and use but really makes a difference in people’s daily life” – Linzi, UX Designer, Tantiv4. FetchitGO is easy to adopt for elders to set medication reminder or turn on security devices without taking anyone’s assistance. It truly caters to individual need of every family member and brings in self-dependency apart from convenience.

FetchitGO works independently of your phone so your whole family can share in all of the great possibilities! With 18 months battery life, and ability to function without internet, it is always ready to help you.. It’s time to move on and bring home the perfect smart IoT remote for the perfect family!