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The battle between pro-American quality accreditation associations like the ABAC and the entrenched China-led, poorly operated quality organizations like the ANSI-ANAB & IAF couldn’t be more serious. Expert Daryl Guberman sheds light on this concern in new YouTube video.

New York, NY – USA, May 20, 2019 — Quality certification is a very important area for a business or organization to be concerned with. When this kind of accreditation is being handled for American companies, including those in the defense industry, and even very important government institutions, by quality association that may be American-based on paper but are led by a Chinese national, the dangers are quite chilling. Standing up against this is quality consulting expert Daryl Guberman, who has over 30-years experience in the industry, and eight years as head of Guberman PMC, pro-American quality accreditation company ABAC and the POTUS Donald Trump. Guberman recently addressed the multi-pronged, anti-American dangers of ANSI-ANAB and the IAF in his latest YouTube video, “Pro-Americans Trump, Guberman-PMC & ABAC vs ANSI-ANAB, IAF & Socialism” ( This is well beyond a thousand videos Guberman has made in an effort to educate both companies unaware of the nature of the associations they may be a part of, so they can change their course to one that is more sensible and ethical and the public in general.

“We are talking about some of the worst forces in the world today coming behind the ANSI-ANAB and IAF, a lack of respect for democracy and the free market, pro-socialism and communism, anti-Americanism and antisemitism,” remarked Guberman. “It is close to unbelievable that this goes largely ignored but we are doing our best to point companies and people towards a pro-American alternative for quality certification in the ABAC. We know President Trump supports these efforts. China is a clear enemy of the effort to Make America Greater Again.”

Guberman-PMC offers quality consultation covering nearly every major area a business could cover. This involves a serious look at quality that carries real value and not just “going through the steps” for image’s sake. The rebuilding of America and America’s companies relies on their quality being taken very seriously and it is a job Guberman-PMC is not just authorities on but are also completely passionate about.

The invitation is always open to both discuss quality concerns, new projects or for evidence concerning the exposes led by Guberman by reaching out to him directly through Guberman-PMC.

For more information be sure to visit and watch his latest YouTube video here –

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