Forgetting where their glasses are or whether they have taken their medications is not uncommon among older adults and can raise concerns with loved ones. You may wonder whether these lapses in memory are simply due to aging or whether they indicate dementia or another serious condition.

Before you learn more, remember it’s important to mention any potential issues to your senior loved one’s doctor. Here are some signs of dementia versus those of normal aging.
Signs of Normal Aging
 From time to time, forgetting about a scheduled doctor’s or social appointment, forgetting a person’s name or what day it is, but eventually being able to recall
 Difficulty with a new task, or occasionally making a calculation error while adding up numbers or balancing a checkbook
 Occasionally making a poor decision
 Sometimes wanting to be left alone or not wanting to join a fun event or outing
 Infrequently finding it difficult to find the right word during a conversation
 Feeling agitated at disruption of their normal routine
Signs of Dementia
 Significant and unsettling memory loss, such as an inability to remember the season
 Forgetting about recent events
 Misplacing things frequently
 Needing alternate measures to recall common information, such as frequent reminder notes or assistance from a caregiver
 Difficulty with ADLs or activities of daily living due to confusion, such as the forgetting to pay bills, follow a recipe, or reaching familiar locations
 Regularly making poor judgments and decisions, such as neglecting personal hygiene or making large, impulsive purchases
 Disassociating from friends and family, avoiding social activities and hobbies and pastimes they once enjoyed
 Regular problems with speaking and writing
 Forgetting what was being said mid-sentence
 Increasingly frequent disorientation, frustration, annoyance, anxiety, confusion, and paranoia, even in familiar settings and even more so in unfamiliar ones
 Personality or behavior changes
 Inability to coordinate muscle movements or unsteady walking
 Wandering aimlessly and getting lost
 Rapid mood swings

If a senior’s doctor has given them a dementia diagnosis, the best way to help them is to seek a highly skilled, compassionate caregiver with specialized training and experience in dementia, such as HNTS in San Antonio.

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