Alaska, United States (May 20, 2019) – Etsy is a popular name among online shopping enthusiasts. They know that they should choose a trustworthy store on Etsy to make sure that they can end up with quality supplies. For those looking for toys, accessories and Crochet Baby Blankets, Miaba is the go-to store on Etsy. Now, the brand has planned the release of a new product line of the Hearts & Hugs Collection on the 20th of May 2019.

The tagline of the Miaba is “Comfort designed to last beyond a lifetime”. With this motto, the brand brings toys, accessories and crochet baby blankets that will be comfortable for babies, thereby bringing complete peace of mind to their young parents.

The founder of Miaba is Amena Hunt and she has been practicing stitching as a part of her life right from her childhood days. She has shared that she started learning to sew as a child from her grandmother on her old Kenmore Machine. From there, she started teaching herself to knit when she was just 8 years. When her friends started to have babies, she started to make baby blankets for their impending arrivals. One of her friends expressed the gratitude that touched Amena Hunt and instilled the motivation in her to continue making handmade blankets for babies.

Anema Hunt’s friend said, “Every new baby deserves a handmade blanket, so please don’t ever stop making them”. Further, through her brand Miaba, she offers a Miaba memo that will help people to get 30% discount on their initial order in addition to future sneak peeks and other exclusive offers.

She still has the blanket that was presented to her by her aunt when she was born and now she has presented it to her daughter. She loves that such great gifts should pass on from generations to generations. So, she says “My fervent wish is to help you start a tradition of giving handcrafted heirloom pieces to your loved ones to be passed down generation after generation.”

With this intention, Amena Hunt always gives importance to the quality of the blankets she makes for the new-borns. Now, her upcoming release of a new product line of the Hearts & Hugs Collection will also follow the strict rule of quality as the utmost priority without any doubt whatsoever. Miaba has a return and exchange policy in place for 30 days from the date of purchase. She also makes customized orders for her clients. The store has secured payment options through Etsy.

About Miaba:
The founder of Miaba is Amena Hunt. She has been making handmade clothing right from her childhood days. She is highly focused on the quality of the items she makes for her clients.

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