TamaDiveis the best diving center under the support and experience of Mr. Franko and Mr. Remo who are professional and certified PADI instructor. If you really want to enjoy your Costa Rica tours, you have come to the right place.

Professional and Specialized in Tamarindo Diving:

We are specialized in Tamarindo diving. Our experienced guides also know other spectacular sites that are less known, but that offer an unforgettable diving experience. We also offer full PADI certifications. All our instructors are highly trained, have a lot of experience and have been certified with PADI to teach the courses. All certifications can be made at any of the spectacular sites we usually visit. So you can be sure that youwill not only live learning experience, but you will experience the best of Costa Rica diving.

TamaDiveteaching under the highest standards in safety related to diving, in a very professional and with updated teaching resources. TamaDivehas managed to teach and certify PADI Diving Course from the most basic level to the most advanced to different participants who enjoy this sport in a safe way and can do it anywhere in the world.

It is because they have the respective licenses granted by PADI that accredits them as certified divers and with the necessary and adequate knowledge and training to carry out the sport in the safest and most pleasant way. The main objective of TamaDiveis to offer people an easy, fun and safe way to learn to dive. To carry out this activity, it is essential to obtain training and previous training in order to obtain the international certification that accredits you worldwide to be able to dive in according to their approved level.

In addition to encouraging the participant to have considered the importance of the conservation of marine resources without forgetting the unique and unforgettable experience at the bottom of the sea that only diving can offer it.

The best snorkeling adventures:

If all you want is to enjoy a snorkel, we have what you need. Our shark diving Flamingo is available for the same places where we practice diving, so you will be enjoying the best available locations. You just have to indicate where you want to go and we will be informing you about the next tour to that specific location. Come, visit our site TamaDive.comand book your seats before you visit Costa Rica to make the process easy.