New Delhi, 20th May 2016: In its endeavor to keeping the Earth pristine for future generations, Cosmos Green is recycling metal scrap in India. Cosmos Green is a subsidiary of Cosmos Green FZE, based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As a recycler of metal scrap, the company’s expertise can be matched by few in India. It intends to use this expertise to recycle metal scrap and help conserve resources and limit the impact of human activity on the environment.

Recycling is beneficial for the environment- recycling metal scrap helps keep the environment safe and relatively freer from pollution. The process of extracting metal from ore used by manufactures causes tremendous pollution and depletion of natural resources. Cosmos Green will lessen the need for such processes. To do this it will use established large metal scrap warehouses whose sole purpose will be to help preserve natural resources and conserve energy.

Presently huge landfills are common across India and consist of bulk materials. Recycling metal scrap decreases the quantity of bulk material entering landfills. By recycling metal scrap the size of landfills will fall as will the number of resources needed to manage landfills. Metal scrap is used in electronic devices making them a serious pollution hazard. Electronic waste contains toxic substances like cadmium, lead, and mercury that seep into soil and groundwater. When metal removed from such waste is recycled any chance that dangers chemicals will seep into the soil will be eliminated. Importantly, activities like ore mining have an adverse effect on land and mining leads to soil erosion and pollution. Hence when metal is recycled the adverse effects of mining will be mitigated as well.

Rajat Kapoor, President, and CEO of Cosmos Green said “Our practice of metal scrap recycling will conserve energy and reduce greenhouses gas emissions which pose a threat to the environment. By recycling metal we will lower the burden on the environment and reduce the need to extract ore thereby lowering emissions. From beginning to end, the process of manufacturing metals is grossly inefficient and highly polluting, by recycling the metals already extracted from the Earth, we will help lessen the need to extract and manufacture metals and as a result lower pollution”.

About Cosmos Green
Cosmos Green is a dazzling startup active in the space of metal scrap recycling. It was founded by Mr. Rajat Kapur in the UAE in 2015 and has made a presence in India since January 2019 with the opening of its three scrap processing yards. The company collects, processes & recycles all kinds of metal scrap, collected domestically as well as imported from developed nations and is working on to bring best global practices in this field along with other innovative technological ways of metal scrap recycling. The group is having strategic partnerships with scrap consumers in India as well as shredders in Europe and USA.