17th May 2019: A recent announcement on The Travel Street blogging website indicated the travel restrictions that have become prominent in China. The country is a well-known tourist site for the various historical sites and the diverse history of the nation. Furthermore, it also holds the reputation of being one of the major economic stalwarts of the world. So, where does the trouble arise?

The travel blog website further clarified that the communist government in China can be held responsible for the restrictions on visiting China. According to the latest travel news, the US State Department has not issued any warnings against visiting China. However, the blog post also stated clearly that the difference in regulations between the US and China could be a source of problem for tourists.

Notable restrictions in China announced by The Travel Street
According to the website, the restrictions on speech are considerably profound in China and could lead to severe prosecution. Even the top travel guides in China would advise against talking ill about the Chinese government or Chinese authorities and officials.

Another notable risk identified by the blog post on The Travel Street in traveling to China is associated with the concerns of pollution in large urban areas. The complaints of smog, air pollution as well as water pollution in the large urban areas are also some of the noticeable factors that were highlighted in the information announced by the travel blogging website.   
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