Shenzhen, China (19.05.2019) – The rechargeable LED Camping Lights manufactured by Chinese LED manufacturing company VST Lighting Co., Ltd is one of the finest camping lanterns. This portable light can be used for a variety of different illumination purposes, such as home and office lighting, emergency lighting, night market lighting, and camping lighting. The LED camping lights comes with a 3.7V 2600mAh Lithium battery that can work for over six hours. It has an energy efficient 7W LED bulb which is equivalent to 60w incandescent lamp and provides adequate lighting in outdoors.

VST Lighting’s LED Camping Lights comes with an USB 5V output which not only enables lighting but also doubles as a power bank to charge phones which can be very much useful in outdoors. The light can be charged even with no AC power supply as it is equipped with a solar panel enabling charging at anyplace with sunlight. Besides these, there are various other useful features of the rechargeable LED camping light like, same shape and same socket as E27 bulb enables it to be installed in existing sockets, automatic switching to emergency lighting fueled by battery in absence of power supply, camping light turns on even without hook when the hand makes contact with the E27 lamp base while removing the finger switches it off.

The camping light can be easily hanged by a hook starter at anywhere with switches indicating ON/OFF and is portable for different locations. Individuals can find more information about VST Lighting’s LED camping lights on their official webpage –

About LED Camping Lights:
Rechargeable LED Camping Lights manufactured by VST Lighting Co., Ltd can be used for illuminating home, office, night market and as an emergency light, portable light, and a phone charger. Its big battery ensures a working time of over 6 hours.

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