Local Hardware Firm Goes Big with its Customer Base

United Gear Works proclaims itself as the world leader in equipment repair and other forms of heavy industrial work related to machinery. This is increasingly becoming reality as the clientele of the firm, which previously only involved US customers, is increasingly diversifying and returning supportive reviews in the firm’s regards. The growth recorded in the previous quarter ranged from 2.5 to 2.7 percentage points in terms of the market share and physical orders respectively. If the trends and statisticians are to be believed then United Gear Works would quite soon overtake its competition in terms of raw market share as it becomes the largest provider of machine repair services. Fror more info about Gearbox Repair click here.

Started in Houston, Texas, United Gear Works has quickly spread its wings to various places in the United States each supervised and managed by a regional head. Situated in Texas, California, Florida, Illinois among other constituencies, the personal and fast services that the company continues to provide have been identified as the core reasons behind such stark rises in its customer base. The growth of its rivals, consecutively, pales in comparison due to an ostensible lack of transparency.
Pauly Lorenzo, an executive at the company, was noted as saying, “Our growth is entirely thanks to our beneficiaries and the people who continue to place their trust in us and their livelihood earning capital in our hands. We’re forever grateful and aim to continue to provide the quality services which set us apart.”

About United Gear Works

Being in the repairing industry for the past 55 years, experience and expertise are two E’s which seem to not have failed this expanding enterprise. The services offered to its growing clientele range from industrial gearbox repair to screw and barrel repair to pump repair, all critical services which customers and smaller firms cannot conduct in-house. They guarantee repairing the machinery they receive back to O.E.M or original manufacturing standards if not improve it. This commitment to their work, further visible in their 24/7 service across the United States, is the defining cause of their success.

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Contact Information

Shawn Ferrell

5023 addicks satsuma rd
Houston, TX
Pauly Lorenzo

12900 Lakeland Rd
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670