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Although Ryder himself does look like involved along with his personal wants, notably his have to practise earlier than the live performance, go to the efficiency venue and meet his fellow performers, every of the folks he meets en route appears to need to speak in confidence to him, to bear the soul by way of the revelation of apparently irrelevant element – most of it additionally inconsequential – after which to make private calls for on Ryder’s consideration and time. Regularly these encounters current a dream-like high quality, however total the sensation veers extra in the direction of the surreal, occasions being overloaded with element relatively than bereft of it.And it is not simply the characters who usually solely make partial sense. The very geography of the city appears to be intentionally distorted by the writer. The reader is led up a path in the direction of to a distant place that seems to be again the place we began, even supposing the journey took time and miles of journey. Ryder has by no means been there earlier than and appears unaware of native customs and historical past, however Sophie is seemingly his spouse and Boris his son. Usually folks anticipate him to search out his personal solution to locations he has ostensibly by no means visited earlier than. Ryder is normally handled as an outsider, however he’s clearly usually on the within of occasions, totally conscious of what went earlier than and what the seemingly outcomes could also be.

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