Shenzhen, China (18.05.2019) – China based LED lamp manufacturer VST Lighting Co., Ltd has been in the LED lighting industry for more than 5 years now and has all the required expertise and experience to bring newer and creative technologies to the table. VST Lighting is among those few companies who have an extensive line of mechanical, thermal, and photometric LED solutions to assist LED producers overcome different snags related to designing difficulties and guarantee product quality for end clients. The 3w portable Handheld Spotlight is among the best sell products of the company and is supplied to various chain stores and wholesalers across the world.

VST Lighting’s 3w portable Handheld Spotlight can be utilized for various dual purposes, both as a searchlight and camping light. The 3w SMD LED outputs 140lm ensuring that it reaches as long as 55m. It is embedded with a big capacity 2200mAH Li-ion rechargeable battery that works for over 3 hours as a hunting spotlight and 4 hours as a camp light. The other features of this uniquely designed handheld spotlight are angle adjustable handle, waterproof for outdoor uses, and 3 charge options including AC/DC charger, DC 12V car plug charger and solar panel.

The handheld spotlight is manufactured by VST Lighting using plastic and weighs as low as 265gm. Besides the 3w portable model, VST Lighting has various other models in their stock as well. Interested buyers can know more about the specifications and features of this one of a kind portable handheld spotlight on the official webpage of VST Lighting, the link for which is

About Handheld Spotlight
Handheld spotlight is one of the best selling product of VST Lighting Co., Ltd, a renowned Chinese LED lamp manufacturing company. The 3w portable handheld spotlight can be used both as a searchlight and a camping light.

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