Narva, Estonia (May 18, 2019) – Wheelset defects are common among heavy locomotives like cars and rails. To correct them, most often a large setup of equipment is required, to which the rails have to be transported. In other cases, there are portable wheel lathes but they are not as efficient or useful like the full-fledged one. 1AK200 mobile wheel lathe is a new product from IAK200 Limited that offers all the functionality with good accuracy and efficiency in the portable which is also easy to operate.

The setup of 1AK200 is fairly simple consisting of two stands one containing the dovetail cross slide and tool holder and the other stand parallel to it contains everything responsible to spin the wheelset – the friction wheel, electric motor, and frequency inverter. The total setup of the portable rail wheel lathe requires nothing more than a 400v power supply to run and concrete or any other strong flooring to set-up the stands. The only other necessity, which is not a big deal, is locking other wheelsets before working to prevent unnecessary movement of the rail car. The operation is very simple and easy to be done single handily once set.

The company has not compromised with the portable locomotive wheel lathe in any aspect. It can do turning speeds of up to 80 meters/minute which is great compared to other similar lathes. Additionally, the speed control for turning the wheels can be adjusted using a remote or through Wi-Fi, which adjusts the speed of the electric motor and eventually the rubber friction wheel in the parallel stand. These little features make for a huge difference and offer convenience while on work. The company also has two other variations of the locomotive wheel lathe – 1AK200 for ZIP for locomotives TEM-2 and similar and universal purposed 1AK200 COMPACT.

About 1AK200 Limited:
The company that aims at manufacturing mobile rail wheel lathes for re-turning wheels without even removing the wheelsets to save on time and hassle has managed to come out with three successful products that consumers can already buy. The company is open to business from any part of the world.

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