“The more is the storage; more is the need for more storage.”
We all have faced this dilemma probably now and then in our lives. We all know the reason behind it is the passion for having everything that looks good and feels good.

So, for storing such things Wooden Street has initiated storage furniture that is itself good to hold everything in an organized way with a drop of oomph on it, viz. Trunk and blanket boxes. There is a wide range of trunk and blanket boxes at Wooden Street with prettiness like never before.

Each of the trunk and blankets is either forged in Sheesham wood, mango wood, and even woven fabric. There are available finishes of honey, teak, walnut, mahogany and white finish while there are some trunk boxes that are with woven fabrics in different bright colors.

Moreover, with forging of solid wood and soft fabrics, trunk and blanket boxes at Wooden Street have been summated with designs to add more delights to your dwelling. For every aura and every theme, Wooden Street has trunk and blanket boxes with various designs and styles.
Below are some of the examples of it with trunk and blanket boxes of different designs.

Bohemian Design

Bohemian design on any furniture is like a board that offers one to add every colors, patterns, and shade that fantasizes them the most.

For instance, Wooden Street has a Boho trunk box that is completely dedicated furniture to a Bohemian touch. It has frames of patterns posed upon it in different colors from as light as yellow too as dark as black.
This makes it storage furniture that is itself so stunning.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary design on any furniture is known for a style of the furniture that completely walks along with the trends of the present day.
Just like Adolph trunk box from Wooden Street. Adolph trunk box is a furniture design with slotted patterns on it. It gives it a subtle yet stylish appeal and makes it the most idealistic furniture for contemporary furniture for the abode.

Colorful Design

There are certainly some people who have this tendency of making the place brightest in the abode. So, they opt for furniture that is itself there to obey such a practice.

Wooden Street has one such furniture for such people known as Mellow trunk box. It is a Sheesham wood trunk and a blanket box that is completely covered with fabric from head to toe.

This trunk box is covered with a fabric that is colorful with hues of red, yellow and blue. Along with it, there are patterns on it to make it the most bright, bold and beautiful.

Modern Design

For a home of the present day and families that are modern enough to bring home the most modish of all, certain trunk and blanket boxes heed straight towards it.
Exemplary to it is Paladin trunk box from Wooden Street. This trunk and blanket box is in white finish and wooden finish. Metal hands on the sides along make it even more brilliantly carved furniture.

Traditional Design

A traditional design of a trunk and blanket box is responsible for giving a glimpse of how the 1980’s houses and furniture used to look.
For example, Wooden Street has Danny trunk box which looks like an example of traditional furniture. Addition of golden, white, red and black colors on the trunk and blanket box gives a complete gist of an ancient era on the furniture.

The list does not end here as many more trunk and blanket boxes are worth looking at and adorning in the abode. Also, along with fabulous furniture and collection of trunk and blanket boxes, Wooden Street also gives “customization” services so that one gets the most desirable furniture for the abode.

For further information, you can contact Wooden Street at 91-9314444747 to serve you 24*7.