London, UK, 17 May 2019 — Do you know what Gamification in Business is? Are you aware how you can use Gamification in your company to solve poor employee engagement and retention? Find out thanks to this infographic where your employees under perform to fix skill gaps. Encourage participation, stimulate engagement and get visibility on your most important KPIs. Find out how gamification works with this infographic published by Discover the main elements of gamification and what drives engagement. Read how to apply gamification to your business with a simple 9 step process.

Discover how to motivate actions that add value to your business using gamification and engage your employees like never before! This infographic also exposes 10 business problems gamification can help solve. Among the listed are employee retention, poor company branding, skills gap, intellectual capital loss, lack of IDP, poor collaboration, etc. Check out the business gamification process as well.

About Mambo is the leading on-premise gamification software solutions provider. Mambo’s platform and services have finally democratized gamification and made it available to companies of all sizes. Use gamification to drive employee engagement, stimulate customer loyalty, and increase adoption of your e-learning and training initiatives.

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