With the announcement of the name of Mr.Honey Saini, the Automobile Engineering student from IILM College of Engineering, the hall went cheering with clapping of hands for long. As an inspirational figure for many, he won the first prize winner at final review of the project by UP State Council of Science and Technology and proved the phrase that “There is no substitute to hard work”. The Project is named as Design and Development of an Electric Bike, which is proposed to bring renewable energy sourced vehicle into the picture for people.
Mr. Honey Saini, B.Tech- Automobile Engineering, the IILM CET has secured the 1st position at University level in its final review meeting. He has also received Rs 20 000 by UP State Council of Science and Technology as seed money. He will have to use this money towards partial contribution to the development of an electric bike.
Since fossil fuels have posed challenges to the environment while another challenge is their rapid depletion so this has raised the need and demand for renewable energy sources eventually. Designing an electric bike is an important aspect to address the urgent need for clean energy solutions particularly for transportation. Through this project, clean energy solution in the motorbike segment will be taken up for the personal mobility of people.
Helping the Society vis a via Environment, this bike will run purely on electricity from batteries and there will no pollution caused. Additionally, the electric bike requires very less maintenance as compared to the gasoline bikes. While looking at the Cost involved or the Comparative Cost analysis aspect-its major cost involvement is associated with Li-ion batteries. In the prototype phase, the current production cost is crossing more than a lakh rupees per unit which will lower down in the phase of bulk production.
Mr. Honey Saini is likely to complete the project within a span of one year.
The institutional support for this project is provided by- Dept of Automobile Engineering (use of institute workshop, manpower) CET, IILM-AHL, Greater Noida and UPCST: Rs 20 000 seed money, Rs 1 lac prize money, both awarded to Mr. Honey Saini, (B Tech 8th Sem), Automobile Engineering.