247Loans has always aimed to make the loan process quick and hassle-free for the citizens of South Africa. The online platform helps you in finding the best loan deal possible around you, completely free of charge. Connecting loan seekers to the lenders, the platform helps people in getting a loan at the simple click of a button.

As the name suggests, 247Loans allows you to file a loan application at any time, being operative round the clock. The company facilitates easy and quick borrowing from some of the leading lenders of South Africa. The platform doesn’t provide loans directly but helps its members secure loans of up to R150,000 and other products.

Loan for Anyone and Anything

Unlike direct sources, the portal enables you to get a loan for anything or any purpose. There are also no detailed eligibility criteria for getting a loan. To secure a loan through 247Loans, you need to be:

  • A registered citizen of South Africa
  • 18 years or above in age
  • Have an active bank account

247Loans has a great panel of lenders including Bruma, African Bank, Lime, RCS and Bayport. They simply connect the loan seekers to these lenders without any influence on the rates, terms and conditions and loan offers that the seeker receives. The company ensures that all the lenders in their network are registered with the National Credit Regulator, and a member of the MicroFinance South Africa.

Simplified Loan Process

247Loans has made the loan application process very quick and easy. A loan seeker can get a loan through the portal in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Submission of Details – At first, the loan seeker is needed to submit a few personal details by filling out the personal details capture form.
  2. Stating Loan Requirements – In the second step, the member needs to define what size of loan and products they are interested in.
  3. Wait for the Deals – Once the loan seeker has filled all the details, 247Loans will work to find the best deals for you. The loan application will be forwarded to the lenders and the seeker can expect a phone call within 24-48 hours of submitting the application.

For information about the loan process, please visit their website https://www.247loans.co.za/.

About the Company
247Loans is a web-based service that aims to help people find the best possible loan deals for them. The company connects loan seekers to trustworthy lenders without any cost, enabling them to find the best deals without any hassle. 247Loans simply helps you get a loan quickly and doesn’t interfere with the terms of the loan in any way.