Shenzhen, China (15.05.2019) – Solar powered lighting is rapidly gaining momentum among domestic, commercial as well as industrial consumers for its environmental friendly features and cost efficiency. Solar Lighting System is not only an economic solution but effective and reliable as well. Providing light that is fueled from the sun’s renewable energy, the solar panels of the system transforms the energy of the sun to the electricity. A number of Chinese LED lamp manufactured has been producing solar lighting systems to meet the growing demand but not all have been able to meet the standards and requirement of overseas customers. One of the leading manufacturers of solar lighting system in China is VST lighting Co., Ltd which has a huge number of overseas clients for their product quality and efficiency.

Solar Lighting System manufactured by VST Lighting can be used for household lighting, camping and night market lighting, and for other portable scenarios. The solar lighting systems provides a number of different features, like integrated phone adapters and cord, solar panel and system, LED bulbs, multiple USB output for effective working of or more solar bulbs at the same time, 5V 2A universal output for charging various gadgets like mobile phones, power banks, tablets, and much more.

VST Lighting’s Solar Lighting System is embedded with a 100Wh maintenance free lithium battery to provide lighting for 5 hours to 14 hours depending on the bulbs turned on. All detailed information about the features, applications, and specifications of the solar lighting system can be found on this official webpage of VST Lighting –

About Solar Lighting System:
VST Lighting Co., Ltd is a renowned Chinese LED lamp manufacturer that produces high quality solar lighting system which can be used for household lighting, night market and camping lightings, and for various other purposes.

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