The CDBS is a government endorsed, commonwealth funded scheme. It reduces the dental costs for Australian families. Full or partial financial assistance is provided through Medicare. Children below 18 yrs. can benefit as the billing is done by the clinic in bulk. Bulk Billing Dentist Melbourne offers the best assistance possible.

Private dental practitioners at Preston Smiles are part of this scheme. You can bring the child to the clinic for various services. Periodic dental exams ensure clean, white teeth for your boy or girl. The scheme also covers cleanings, fillings, and fissure sealings.

The clinical costs for X-rays and tooth removals are also reduced. CDBS is by far the best available scheme for dental services. The Department of Health oversees the correct implementation of this initiative. However, In recent years there has been some criticism.


  • Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) is an initiative of the Australian Government.
  • The vital policy came into effect on the 1st of January, 2014.
  • Kids between 2 to 17 yrs. are eligible for low-cost dental treatments.
  • Over a 2 yr. calendar period, the total benefits are $1000 per child.
  • A dental check-up, teeth cleaning, fillings, and root canals are covered.
  • Those with Medicare have to consult a bulk bill dentist Melbourne
  • The Government had a proposal in 2016 to close down the scheme.
  • Dental practitioners and advisory groups opposed this move and won…


Government has cited underutilization and threatened to close CDBS. A new scheme that covers both children and adults was proposed. But private dental clinics and the Australian Dental Association(ADA) opposed this move. They highlighted the positives of this scheme.

The activists claimed that public resourced would get stressed. Dental services would not reach kids in rural and remote areas. The government budget for new schemes was also ridiculously low. All these factors lower the quality of dental health care in young children.

Relevant New Info

As of today, The CDBS is still alive and actively implemented. Families with tax benefits or relevant Government payment can benefit. They can visit high-quality clinics like Preston Smiles for dental checkups. The bulk billing feature does not have any additional costs.

Cosmetic dental services are not covered by this popular scheme. You have to spend extra for teeth straightening services. Veneers, braces, crowns, and dental implants are also not covered. Even eligible kids cannot avail these orthodontic treatments under the CDBS program.


  • The scheme fully covers basic dental examination and treatments.
  • The oral hygiene and dental health of young children are enhanced.
  • Preventive check-ups reduce the chances of contracting oral diseases.
  • Clean teeth, fresh breath, and happy smiles will spread all around.
  • The private family dental clinic offers services that are quick and easy.
  • There is no extending waiting time and kids get the best treatments.
  • Eligible families receive up to $1000 coverage through Medicare facility.

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