Software Testing is a process of investigation & analyzation of particular software by ensuring its bugs and various further errors involved in it. Software testing is an activity to checking out whether actual results are matching to desired results or not. Its helps to bridges the gaps for missing requirements. Software testing does the evaluation of the standards it can be done in two way either in automated testing or with the help of manual testing. Software testing has its so many types to perform a certain testing activity to meets quality let’s do a study of it

Factors to Be Consider Is As Follows
1) Planning:- Planning plays a very important role in every aspects its ensures quality and performance stability. The software testing planning involves the determine the specific requirements to achieve desired results by setting up the goals and objectives, It involves reviewing the test basis, identifying the test conditions based on analysis of test items.
2) Team Building:- To deliver good quality results with estimated standards its an important factor to consider, the team should have competent enough in doing good analysis to detect the bugs & errors of software in respect of smooth functioning and stability
3) Quality Assurance:- Quality assurance is a process which includes overall quality cycle for the software testing from the understanding of requirements, creation of test scenarios, implementation of test cases, evaluation of bugs, verifying the fixes and doing smoke test of final products.
4) Available Resources:- Software testing process is can be successfully done when there is good enough availability of the resources this includes test environment, testing tools, testing devices, and human resources.
5) Setting Up The Time :- It’s An important factor for every software testers and developers to achieve the maximum output the focus should be on time related factors to meet up the competition in the market because time shortage issue may do impact on system implementation
6) Guidelines following:- All software industries internationally have their regulatory standards and guidelines which governs the testing techniques used.It should fulfill all requirements for standards results to know about it you need to
7) Assessment for Flexibility:- Testing might require some modifications to achieve desired requirements so as per the requirements testing methodology should be implemented
8) Documentation & Reporting:- It’s a main and important factors to be considered because its work as evidence to the whole process of testing maintain good records with detailed documentation adds advantage in software testing & development process because its calculate amount of time and efforts required to do quality testing and development.