Shenzhen, China (15.05.2019) – VST Lighting Co., Ltd is one of the leading LED lamp manufacturers of China and has been producing a range of LED lighting applications for commercial and industrial purposes, all of which are supplied to different parts of the world. VST lighting ensures the utilization of the most recent and stable technologies for manufacturing using finest standard parts for increasing durability and boosting product quality and has a well established product processing method to manufacture high quality LED products for their customers. One of the most unique lighting applications in their inventory is the hanging Solar Lanterns home kit primarily designed for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

VST Lighting’s hanging Solar Lanterns home kits include a 2×1.7w Poly-crystalline solar panel with extendable 2.5m long cable for installing the solar panel on the roof of the house. The source of light is 9pcs LEDs as home lighting and a 1w/2w/3w/4w LED bulb with up to 300lm with the option of adding more solar bulbs. The lighting system comes with a 6v/4500mAh maintenance lead-acid battery that can last for minimum of 15 hours to maximum 120 hours. These solar lanterns are ideal for household as well as camping lighting and has solar or AC charging options. Individuals can read, camp, walk, cook, and do various other activities with the help of the solar lanterns.

The portable Solar Lanterns has an extremely useful accessory which is the 5-in-1 mobile phone charger cables that can charge Nokia, Samsung, iPhones, and MicroUSB, MiniUSB. All relevant information about this one of a kind hanging solar lanterns home kits is available on this webpage –

About Solar Lanterns:
Chinese LED lamp manufacturers VST Lighting offers a range of LED lighting systems among which hanging solar lanterns home kits is one of the most innovative. These portable solar lanterns are designed for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

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