Squatters significantly lower the value of any property. Landlords and property managers in and around England and Wales can enlist the help of MS Webb & Co.’s squatter eviction services and safely get their properties back.

[Surrey, 14/5/2019] – Despite the 2012 legislation that prohibits squatting in residential areas, there are still thousands of squatters across the UK. In 2016, Facilitate Magazine reported that there were, at that time, around 20,000 to 50,000 people squatting in the UK.

The prevalence of squatting is a huge problem for property owners and managers. First, dealing with squatters can cost owners thousands of pounds. What’s more, the safety risks that they face in the presence of squatters can be severe.

With the help of MS Webb & Co., though, building owners, both commercial and residential, can safely and effectively evict people who are squatting on their property.

How Can MS Webb & Co. Remove Squatters from Properties?

As an established bailiff and security consultancy company, the MS Webb & Co. team understands the importance of keeping a property safe and free from squatters. The vandalism, theft and fly-tipping that many squatters often carry out result in the heavy burden of repairs and clean-up for property owners. Because of these, the act of evicting squatters can be quite dangerous, so it’s best left to the professionals.

As part of MS Webb & Co.’s squatter eviction services, the team acquires Court Orders, serves the notice of eviction and even brings security guards and dog handlers. Site clean-up and fly-tipping removal are also part of the security company’s eviction services.

With over 25 years of experience, the bailiffs and enforcement agents have the skills and resources to safely and effectively evict illegal occupants from any property. Additionally, the team also helps in safeguarding the property from future trespassers and other types of illegal occupants.

With coverage across England and Wales, MS Webb & Co. ensures that properties are safe, saleable and squatter-free.

About MS Webb & Co.

For over 25 years, MS Webb & Co. has been providing bailiff and security consultancy services throughout England and Wales. With a range of resources as well as an extensive network and connections at their disposal, the company works quickly and efficiently to answer the clients’ needs.