At Chillwell, we are committed for serving you with the superior service for installing and maintaining the climate control system in your commercial property. We are the specialists in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pumps installation and repairs and popularly known for our dedication, commitment, and values that take us to the heights of professionalism. We are also known for our excellent services for heat pump in Christchurch as we have a team of trained and experienced technicians who have extreme knowledge about the working and specifications of the heat pumps that people use in their residential and commercial properties for effective cooling and heating.

You can consult with us over the phone or can send us an inquiry on the official website to schedule an appointment with us for inspection and repair of your heat pump. We will give you prompt response after receiving the query and will act fast to visit your property to identify the cause. We are equipped with the specialized tools and equipment so we can help you quickly to investigate the root cause of the problem in your heat pump and can resolve the matter within a projected timeframe.

A heat pump is an electrical device that can supply you the right amount of heating and cooling during the summer and winter season to keep them fresh and clean indoor air quality and enable you to stay in the comfort with your family or employees. It is an energy efficient device that will save you from the utility bills and will run smoothly. However, an electrical device can mess up with the unpredictable damages that can cause due to several factors and can hinder its working completely. No matter, we are here to serve you with any type of problem associated with your heat pump as we can fix the issue by using modern techniques and can provide you with the useful tips to maintain the accurate working of the heat pump.

Working as a professional HVAC contractor we can also help you with the installation of a new heat pump according to the size, budget, and specific requirements. We can offer you the several options for heat pump such as multi-split heat system, ceiling cassette system, ducted heat pump system, and ceiling concealed system to provide you with the excellent heating and cooling inside the building.
We can also provide you with the maintenance, repair, and service package for ensuring the efficient working of heat pump so you can consult with us and can get 100 percent client satisfaction and valuable return for the investment.

About the company:

Chillwell is a certified and professional company in Christchurch which is successfully operated by Jason Curry an expert contractor for installation of HVAC system and heat pump repairs in Christchurch. The company offers high-end service to residential and commercial building owners for safe, quick, and efficient installation of air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump system for controlling and maintaining the right indoor temperature during summer and winter seasons.

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