iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an IT company which always stays in the news because of its innovative solutions. Recently, one of the representatives of the company made an announcement that the company will provide an advanced live call monitoring solution to businesses.

The announced live call monitoring solution is an independent web application which can be used as a standalone solution to monitor ongoing calls in real time along with other types of calls. The spokesperson of the company announced that now this live call monitoring software can be integrated with any existing VoIP solution. The VoIP experts of the company will provide integration of the live call monitoring system within the existing VoIP software of the customers. Once the integration process is completed, this system of monitoring ongoing calls in real time can be used as an in-built module of that VoIP solution.

The spokesperson of the company shared a list of solutions which can integrate this live call monitoring solution to add an additional functionality in it. Below is the list of those VoIP solutions:

• Call center software
• IP PBX solution
• Class 4 softswitch solution
• Class 5 softswitch solution
• Hybrid VoIP softswitch solution
• Voice logger system
• And more

According to the shared details, this live call monitoring solution is more advanced than other integrated LCV (Live call View) features available in the VoIP systems. This solution provides view to all types of calls in real time such as,

• Incoming calls
• Outgoing calls
• Ringing calls
• Conference calls

This live call monitoring solution supports 12 different languages which makes it a perfect fit to use for the companies that cater more than one country or nonnative English speaking users / customers.

“Our live call monitoring solution is not a simple solution to review the ongoing calls. It is an advanced system. Along with monitoring calls in real time, it also allows to take control of the calls. It means the manager or supervisor can hang up the call or start having a conversation on behalf of the team members when he sees need of it. This is very powerful tool and all companies can take benefit of the same”, shared spokesperson of iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd

As per the shared details, this live call monitoring system is in production and can be used with both, Asterisk and FreeSWITCH based solutions. Anyone can use this system with the least possible turnaround time. The company also provides a live demo of the system to provide a detailed view of the same.

About iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd

It is an Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India based company. It offers development and relevant services in mobile app, web and VoIP segments. The company also offers ready to use products in the VoIP segments. The live call monitoring solution is one of the ready to use solutions offered by the company. To know more about this solution, please visit