Shenzhen, China (12.05.2019) – LED solar flood lights are rapidly gaining popularity as an effective mode of lighting in the most remote areas for safety and security. Solar flood lights can be easily installed in pretty much about any area without the need for access to conventional power. Another main advantage of installing Solar Flood Lights is cost-efficiency since solar power is free everyone thus helping to save money by cutting down on electricity costs. One of the leading LED lamp manufacturing company of China, VST Lighting Co., Ltd is the pioneer in producing innovative all in one solar flood lights which has solar panels, LED lamp, battery along with a battery management system, solar system controller, and a PIR movement sensor and remote controller.

The all in one Solar Flood Lights manufactured by VST Lighting can be used for illuminating various different locations, such as parking lot, streets, bridge, garden, highway, courtyard, working sites, and other areas. The integrated PIR motion sensor of the solar flood lights can intelligently adjust LED light brightness. For instance, the LED glows at full brightness on detection of any movement within its 12m radius while the brightness decreases to one-third when no movement for 1 minute is detected. Besides this, the solar flood lights offer a range of other features, like long lifespan duration of about 50k hours, providing even and bright illumination across a wide location, waterproof design equipped to work in all climates, and much more.

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About Solar Flood Lights:
Chinese LED manufacturer VST Lighting Co., Ltd produces high quality all in one Solar Flood Lights which can be used to illuminate a number of locations. These easy to install solar flood lights offer a range of valuable features.

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