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As Podcasting is turning into a huge trend in the year 2019, the ability to stream your favourite series of digital audio or video files over the internet is gaining mass appeal.

Looking at this appeal, the number one Podcast player Audecibel has introduced various new features to create a user-friendly environment for the Podcasters and the listeners.


Favourites feature introduced by Audecibel helps a listener to subscribe to his/her favourite Podcasts and allows them to manage it from one place. So now need to go back to ‘search’ section every time to find and listen to the podcast of your choice.

Notified for New Episodes:

A very important feature added by Audecibel which is directly helping the Podcaster and its listeners in a big way. Now you will get notified every time about the new episodes being added by your favourite Podcasts subscribed by you and you won’t miss a single episode of it.

Podcast Download:

This new feature by Audecibel allows a listener to download any mp3 in Podcast Player without any additional cost and limitation. This means that there is no limitation to the number of downloads. You can download and listen to any podcast of your choice and it’s totally free.

Offline Listening:

Looking at the increasing demand of the Listeners, Audecibel has added the offline listening feature in to its player, this allows a user to download and listen to his/her favourite podcast from anywhere, anytime.

Looking for the best podcast player?

If you are looking for a podcast player which has all the podcast categories in all languages from across the World. Then Download Audecibel as it is easy to use, offers all you want and it’s totally free.