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The CPD Certification Service approves Engage in Learning’s Leadership Pathway

The Leadership Pathway, a programme of five e-learning courses from the e-learning supplier Engage in Learning, has won approval from The CPD Certification Service.

The courses, each of which takes between 20 and 40 minutes to complete – amounting to completing the whole Pathway in some two and a half hours – focus on building a solid foundation for leadership.

Chris Horseman, Engage in Learning’s Managing Director, explained, “The leap from team member to team leader is probably the most exciting and demanding time in anyone’s business career. It requires new skills and knowledge, insight and commitment to make the transition successfully.

“Our Leadership Pathway introduces learners to leadership styles and management approaches that are effective in today’s working environment,” he continued.

“It helps learners assess their leadership qualities, strengths and weaknesses. It also shows how teams work, interact and grow so that learners can manage their team from co-existence to collaboration; from inception to high performance.”

The Pathway includes 26 ‘deep dive’ pages that provide academic reference and more in-depth information; three video case studies that provide opportunities to analyse, identify and evaluate skills in action, as well as an optional classroom pack to extend and individualise the learning.

The Engage in Learning courses that comprise the Leadership Pathway are:
• Leadership Styles and Qualities – outlines leadership styles for you, as leader, to find one that works for your team and the situation.
• Growing your Team to High Performance – explains how teams develop in a predictable way and how you, as leader, can use this to help your team achieve high performance.
• Developing Team Trust and Culture – shows how to build trusting relationships between your team members and between yourself, as leader, and your team.
• Setting Goals and Guidelines for High Performance – offers guidance on developing a robust set of ground rules and operating agreements on which to build a strong team culture, as well as how to set goals that inspire teams for high performance.
• Improving Group Dynamics – focuses on improving your team’s dynamics by developing your communication skills, team collaboration, and managing individuals’ behaviours within a team setting.

In approving these courses, the CPD Certification Service assessor described them as “informative courses with clear navigation”.

For further details of the Leadership Pathway, visit:

Other ‘Pathways’ from Engage in Learning include those on Coaching, Influencing, Performance Management and Decision Making.

About the CPD Certification Service
Established in 1996, The CPD Certification Service is the independent CPD accreditation centre working across all sectors, disciplines and further learning applications. It evaluates further learning activities to the highest standards and its CPD Certified symbol is accepted as the qualitative benchmark that not only reflects but also sets those standards.

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South Africa’s Leading LPG Installers

As a registered member of the Liquid Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa (LPGSASA), Cape Gas has always strived to offer professional and safe gas installation services. The company has been a part of the LPG industry for more than 30 years, serving as licensed gas practitioners.

Services Offered by Cape Gas:

1. Domestic Gas Installation – Cape Gas offers residential or domestic gas installations in accordance with the SANS10087-1 standards. The company offers a basic economy installation with a single 9kg cylinder and a gas hob. They even offer advanced installations and multiple connections for single or dual cylinder supply. For domestic purposes, you will even find appliances like fireplaces, geysers, gas braais, hobs and stoves. The company also provides installation and repairs for these appliances.

2. Commercial Installation Services – For the business sector, Cape Gas provides commercial installation services to a variety of industries like restaurants and cafes, hospitality and catering industries, powder coating companies, coffee shops, in-house kitchens in offices, laboratories and other commercial applications. The commercial installations usually feature multiple cylinders connected to a variety of different sizes of manifolds, performed in strict compliance with the SANS 10087-2 standard for commercial installations. Cape Gas also offers installations of appliances like ovens, geysers, grills and boiling tables.

3. Industrial Installation Services – LPG is widely used in industries due to its versatile nature in industrial ovens and in the production of furnaces, kilns, food and packing materials. Cape Gas offers vapour and liquid gas installations for both large and small industries. They are renowned for their bulk tanks. The company offers its services to industries like road tank filling, printing companies, gas depots, powder-coating industries, hot houses and others. For all industrial installations, the company strictly complies to the SANS 10087-3 and SANS 10087-7 standards.

4. Maintenance Services – The company offers maintenance, repairs and replacements for all LPG pipe work and working parts associated with it. For the industrial sector, these services encompass annual inspections 3-9 year tests and COC inspections, along with servicing of pumps, regulator, pressure relief valves and vaporisers. They also provide annual inspections and CO inspections of appliances like fireplaces, gas geysers, grills, boiling tables etc. for the domestic and commercial sectors.

To learn more about the installation services offered by Cape Gas, kindly visit their official website:

About the Company:
Cape Gas is one of South Africa’s most renowned gas installation companies. Being registered with the LPGSASA and the SAQCC, the company offers installations in strict adherence with the standards and guidelines. Cape Gas boasts a term of experienced and licensed installers who are guided by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Unit 13 Milnerton Business Park,
Montague Gardens, 7441, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: 021 551-5748

Cool Conditioning Offer Quality Air Conditioning Services

Cool Conditioning is an experienced company which offer quality air conditioning services to fulfill client needs. Our range of services also covers the areas of retrofitting, upkeep and repair of modern refrigeration technology. The products include industrial refrigeration systems and refrigeration and freezing systems, air conditioning and air conditioning components, ventilation systems and unified systems.

We serve clienteles in different areas including Ratingen, Dusseldorf, Langenfeld, Hilden, Velbert, Mettmann, Krefeld, Wuppertal, Essen, Neuss and surroundings. With modern Klimaanlage Düsseldorf systems, we ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor climate with a good eco-balance. In addition, our company has skilled know-how in the areas of joint cooling, heat pumps and distinct equipment, for example in the agrarian sector and in ice machines and airing systems.

We not only equipment clienteles with new air training systems and refrigeration systems, but also take care of maintenance, spring-cleaning, leak difficult, repairs and service of cooling systems as well as the energy-efficient change and retrofitting of existing air conditioning divisions and air conditioning systems. Our clienteles and their Klimaanlage needs are always the focus of our work: That’s why we not only rely on sound and sound advice, high-quality exclusive products and first-class skill, but also on 24/7 accessibility: we offer 24-hour service emergency services 365 days a year.

Our high quality standards are the basis to ensure these claims. However, should a malfunction occur in your air conditioner, we will take care of your request in a timely manner! For Klimagerät, you can contact us anytime. We provide quality air condition installation services to fulfill client needs. To know more about us, you can visit our official website.

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Cool Condition
Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 29
40880 Ratingen, Germany
Tel.: +49 2102 89 24 688
Mobil: +49 172 83 61 529
Fax: +49 2102 89 24 689