Ajay Sawhney & Associates is a chartered accountant firm that is well-reputed. The firm specializes and has experience in taxation for NRIs.

New Delhi, India, 16th April 2019

Ajay Sawhney and Associates is a Chartered Accountant firm in New Delhi that is well-established. The firm has made a name for itself as provider of the best advisory services in various areas. They are specialized firms in Non resident Indian Taxation. The firm gives advice on tax related matters for Indians as well as for NRIs. The chartered accountancy and financial firm founded by Mr. Ajay Sawhney in 1987 provides a variety of services for its clients. The firm has made a name as a CA firm that offers taxation services as well as other advisory services for NRIs.

The taxation services provided by the firm are provided to individuals (residents and non-residents). The services that the firm provides is also of great use for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), major corporate firms, multi-national companies, and also private NGOs. The firm has earned a good reputation and even offers its services to major banks, the office of Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Financial Institutions, LIC, Co-operative Societies and many other such organizations. Ajay Sawhney & Associates provides Audit services, services related to Company Law matters, International Finance and Taxation etc.

Apart from taxation, they also help NRIs to get loans. With simplified rules in place for NRIs to start businesses and invest money, a large number of NRIs are starting companies. While starting a new firm, they may be requiring loans. Ajay Sawhney & Associates helps with Loans for NRIs in Delhi. They help their NRI client to apply for a loan for whatever purpose it may be needed. The necessary documents which may include a project report, application form, annexures, etc. are prepared for the loan application. The firm would also help them submit the loan application and provide assistance by liaison with the bank until the loan is sanctioned.

The firm also helps clients open accounts in banks in India. The NRE NRO Account  or NRI NRO Accounts that the client requires can be opened in Indian banks. The application to the bank, annexures and other formalities that are needed to be completed is done by the CA firm. All aspects related to banking for NRIs is taken care of by the firm. NRIs coming to India can avail of a host of services the firm provides. If they want to open a business, the firm can help in meeting all legal requirements.

Apart from this, the other services they provide include assistance in sale of companies and turn around of companies that are making losses. The range of services provided by the firm is valuable for all types of companies, especially for NRIs. They can also help in other issues like assistance in debt recovery processing, insolvency proceedings, and bankruptcy proceedings.

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