Ladenburglaw is one of the leading personal injury law firms in Washington. They have been working with a team of top rated lawyers who have several years of knowledge and experience in the respective field. For the last few decades, they have been providing all the necessary law related guidance and assistance for the victims of car accidents, medical malpractice, and other similar serious injury claims. The law firm with their team of expert attorneys has managed to win several cases in their respective fields for its clients and thereby they have earned an extremely good reputation in their clientele.
The law firm has always tried to establish a good reputation with their client and that is not just for the existing one but also many of the former clients. The law firm has been following a policy of rewarding its clients with a scholarship of $2000.The scholarship is rewarded to its existing and former clients and their family members as well. When asked about this scholarship program one of the leading attorneys of the law firm i.e Mr. Eric Ladenburg said that keeping in view of their excellent relationship with the client they have taken this innovative decision. They had been contemplating the way in which they could reward back their client when one of their team members came up with this innovative idea. The idea was therefore unanimously accepted and adopted. From there on they have been following this practice for all these years.
Mr. Eric Ladenburg further stated that from this year they have decided to expand the range of this scholarship program and from now on it will also be available to all the citizens of the state of Washington. Each and every client of this law firm has hailed this highly innovative and rewarding scholarship. When asked about this one of their client and a beneficiary of this scholarship said that they have never thought of being rewarded in such a way and that too by a law firm like this one. The client highly praised this innovative decision and said that other firm also should take a lesson from them and thereby find a way out to reward back their client.
The Scholarship program is currently underway and applications are invited from the existing as well as former clients and also from the residents of the Washington state. People who would like to make an application are being requested to visit the website:, visit the respective link and make the application online. The last date of application is 1st of June, 2019. Therefore if you would like to become one of the beneficiaries then please don’t hesitate to make the application right now.