Abu Dhabi (April 06, 2019) – Khalid AL Badie, being the CEO and holding multiple prestigious positions in Al Badie Group as well as in Abu Dhabi National Bank shares his professional experiences that helped him make it Big in his career. The ABG Group in Abu Dhabi was established in 1967. During a recent press meet, Mr. Al Badie talked about his company’s growth and future projects and mentioned how his professional experiences became useful for its mammoth development in the past few years.

According to Mr. Khalid Al Badie, he has served the company working at various respective positions and reached the managerial levels by virtue of his outstanding skills and exemplary managing capability. The CEO of Al Badie Group of Companies (ABG) shares that he handles many major responsibilities in the company and a selection of highly qualified and dexterous professionals lend their hands to make it seamless.

About Khalid Al Badie
Khalid Al Badie is the CEO and Vice President of Al Badie Group of Companies (ABG) and holds various major positions in the company as well as Abu Dhabi National Bank. The business magnate has a MsF degree in Financial Management from George Washington University. He has a BA Dual Major in Business Management and Economy from Chapman University. Mr. Khalid Al Badie has also done a special course in Political Science from Richmond University, UK. He is the Vice Chairman and Chair of the Investment Committee of Al Ain Al Ahila Insurance Company Insurance v.p, Abu Dhabi.

To know more about Khalid Al Badie, visit – https://khaledalbadie.wordpress.com/professional-experience-private-sector

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