Abu Dhabi (April 06, 2019) – Al Badie Group of Companies has successfully been listed in Abu Dhabi Dubai business directory. The popular business directory is the key to find all the essential details regarding a small or big business, company events and more in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other parts of UAE. In line with the information available in Abu Dhabi Dubai business directory, theAl Badie Group which is owned by Al Badie family in Abu Dhabi is one of the most successful, oldest and leading business groups in the country.

The business group has more than 1000 dedicated and professional employees serving various domains like Finance, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Finance, Oil and Gas, Marine, IT, Defence projects and many other areas. Mr.Khaled Al Badie is the CEO and Vice president of the company managing most of the major areas of Al Badie Group holding various higher positions in the company. The company is selective in terms of joining hands and choosing partners or services for security and development.

About Khaled Al Badie and Al Badie Group
Al Badie Group is a business group serving multiple domains in UAE and one of the oldest and most resourceful groups of companies in the country. The business group was established in 1967. After joining this gigantic venture having immense international exposure, Mr. Khalid Al Badie has brilliantly handled several major jobs including developing a diverse range of investments, aiding in the establishment and management of the company, growing local and international trading and industrial relations and so forth.

For more information about Al Badie Group and Khaled Al Badie, visit – https://abudhabidubai.com/listings/al-badie-group/

Media Contact:
Khaled Al Badie
Hamdan Street, Al Badie Tower, Level 2-3, P.O. Box 229 – Abu Dhabi
Phone: 0097126322344
Website: khaledalbadie.wordpress.com
Email: info@albadie.com

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