New York is a prime place for concert performances. Make these events even more special by holding them at one of Manhattan Center’s prestigious ballrooms.

[NEW YORK, 04/03/2019] – Countless live musical performances happen in and around New York every year. With the significant impact that music has in society and in building community, it’s essential for a concert venue to be as engaging as possible, while meeting the technological and acoustical requirements of live shows.

The Manhattan Center at 34th Street seamlessly incorporates these essentials in not just one but two venues: The Hammerstein and The Grand ballrooms.

Why Perform at Manhattan Center’s Ballrooms?

The Manhattan Center is known for its richly restored period architecture. That in itself makes this space a sought-after venue for different kinds of events. Its lauded, world-renowned natural acoustics make the Manhattan Center a premier concert location for performers and attendees, alike.

The Hammerstein is Manhattan Center’s magnificent former opera house. Today, remnants of this rich history are evident, as artists perform under the 75-foot hand-painted ceiling. Paired with 21st-century entertainment and production technology, this 12,000 square-foot space is as highly functional as it is elegantly beautiful.

The Grand, meanwhile, provides an even more intimate setting for musicians and their audiences. With its 40-foot-high vaulted ceiling, The Grand is one of New York’s most visually stunning event spaces. Like The Hammerstein, The Grand boasts state-of-the-art entertainment and production technology in a 10,000 square-foot space.

World-renowned performers such as Justin Timberlake, Bon Jovi, and Aerosmith have taken at least one of these stages at the Manhattan Center and it’s no wonder why. Manhattan Center’s The Hammerstein and The Grand, with the center’s talented staff and production engineers, are the best venue options to make every show a dazzling hit.

About the Manhattan Center

Built in 1906, the Manhattan Center is home to recording studios known for having the “best natural acoustics in the world” – the Grand Ballroom, and the Hammerstein. These event spaces are two of New York City’s most prominent performance and production venues.

To book a venue for concert performances, visit or call at (646) 293-1080.