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To lose weight with health, it is necessary for the body to consume more calories than it consumes. That’s why the two most important steps to reach the ideal weight are to adjust eating habits and practice physical activities.

But this should be done gradually and with a healthy and varied menu. Follow the tips in this article to lose weight in a healthy way:

1. Do not stay more than 4 or 5 hours without eating

Many people believe that eating fewer meals a day can help them lose weight, since calorie consumption would be lower. But that, besides being harmful to health, can make you fatter even more.

Staying many hours without eating will increase your appetite and this can cause you to eat even more at the next meal. Eating three meals a day and making a healthy snack between meals is one of the important tips for losing weight, as it is the best way to control hunger and eat properly during the day.

2. Cut foods with high sugar content

Sugar, whether to sweeten some drink or industrialized foods with great added product, is the villain of anyone who wants to lose weight and be in good health.

Studies point out that sugar or corn syrups, malt syrup, maltose or other types of sugar that are added to foods are very harmful and increase the risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, among others.

If you want to lose weight with health, one of the important tips for losing weight is to pay attention to food labels for these different names that sugar can have, especially in foods that claim to be zero sugar.

3. Avoid foods made from refined grains

Another way to ingest sugar is by eating refined foods like any white flour product (such as bread, cake, pasta), white rice, sugar, among others.

The refined grains went through processes that remove their most fibrous and nutritious part and after digestion they basically see sugar in their organism. Studies point out that these foods raise your blood sugar level and increase your hunger in a few hours.

These foods are very associated with obesity, so give preference to foods made from whole grains and use more natural ways of sweetening, such as using honey, cane syrup or brown sugar.

4. Decrease the amount of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are important for promoting energy in our body and this can be very beneficial if you exercise regularly. However, those who lead a more sedentary life or who exercise occasionally, should take care of the carbohydrate.

Several studies point out that maintaining a low-carbohydrate diet can help you reduce two to three times more weight than a diet that is only low in fat, for example.

When eating carbohydrates, one of the important tips to lose weight is to prefer those made with whole grains, since these foods will require more at the time of digestion, offering greater satiety than a simple carbohydrate such as white bread or pasta.

Its your turn to make a move!

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