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Chicago’s minimum liability insurance policy isn’t enough to cover collisions caused by accidents. Oxford Auto Insurance, an auto insurance agency in Illinois, offers collision, comprehensive auto, and medical insurance for drivers and passengers.

[CHICAGO, 03/19/2019] — Gas prices and other factors have contributed to the increased mileage among American drivers, according to The Zebra’s 2019 report on the state of auto insurance. The firm stated that more cars on the road could lead to more accidents and claims. While state law requires liability coverage, The Zebra recommends getting comprehensive and collision insurance to make sure that the driver and their passengers are protected. Chicago drivers can get both types of coverage and more with Oxford Auto Insurance.

Understanding Comprehensive Coverage

The Insurance Information Institute (III) defines comprehensive coverage as protection from damages caused by disasters, apart from collisions. It usually includes losses from contact with animals, fire, natural disasters, vandalism, theft, fallen objects, and other acts of God. Oxford Auto Insurance offers affordable, comprehensive insurance from its 19 locations across Chicago.

Liability Coverage According to Illinois Law

State law requires all drivers to have at least $20,000 worth of coverage for bodily injury liability, and $15,000 worth of coverage for property damage, according to If a person suffered more than the set amount, they have to file a personal injury lawsuit to compensate for the damages.

Getting Extra Coverage

There were 313,316 crashes including motor vehicles in the state of Illinois, according to state records. Though only one percent of these crashes were fatal, over 21 percent of the incidents caused injury. This is why Oxford Auto Insurance covers both collision and medical payments. The former covers collision with any type of object (be it a telephone pole or a guard rail), flipping over, and even damages caused by potholes. The latter covers the medical expenses of the insured and their passengers in case of an accident.

Vehicle damage, be it collisions or factors outside of one’s control, are unavoidable no matter how careful a driver is. Recent data has shown that getting more than the state’s minimum liability insurance is a necessity. Oxford Auto Insurance not only provides complete coverage, but it also offers low down payments and monthly rates. Their customers get protection without breaking the bank.

About Oxford Auto Insurance

Oxford Auto Insurance is a leading insurance agency in the state of Illinois. It provides auto, motorcycle, and SR-22 insurance. The firm shops and compares over 15 companies to provide the best rate for their customers.

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