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Everyone, from basic internet users to business owners, is encouraged to raise their network security because of recent data breaches. CMIT Solutions provides network and security management services for local businesses.

[AUSTIN, 03/19/2019] – It’s only three months into 2019, but there have been multiple data breaches already, such as the 500px leak, where personal data from over 14.8 million users of the platform were hacked. There was also the infamous 87 GB data dump, called collection #1, that contained about 1,160,253,228 unique email address and password combinations, according to news outlet The Guardian.

This is the reason everyone – from everyday users to business owners – need to secure their networks to keep their data safe. However, managing a secure network isn’t an easy feat. It requires regular checking and maintenance.

CMIT Solutions provides those services and more with their network and security management services. The company complements the service with products like the CMIT Cybersecurity Assessment, Intelligent Firewall, professional data backup and recovery, and other services.

The CMIT Solutions Process

CMIT Solutions’ network security and management service starts with a complete network inspection. Their team of IT experts comb through the business’s networking hardware to make sure nothing’s out of place. They also perform a full security scan to make sure that the system doesn’t contain elements that may compromise the network’s security.

If the team finds a flaw, they will develop a plan with the business owner to correct the problems and monitor the performance and security of the network. CMIT Solutions will also provide a monthly or quarterly review of the company’s system to show its real-time health, up-time, and possible security threats.

Cybersecurity Assessment, Firewall, and Backup

Apart from management and security services, the company provides a cybersecurity assessment software that performs diagnostics based on a questionnaire answered by their clients. They also provide an intelligent firewall that’s designed to block and ward off cyber threats to keep both employee and customer information safe. In case of a storage emergency, the firm offers professional data backup and recovery so businesses can get their system back up and running again.

CMIT Solutions gives their customers complete IT management services. With their comprehensive hardware, virtual, and cloud-based solutions, business owners can focus on growing their company instead of worrying about cybersecurity threats. The company also has 24/7 multi-location support for questions or concerns about their business’ network.

About CMIT Solutions

With decades of experience, CMIT Solutions has been providing local businesses in Texas with IT training, support, and management services. They have over 900 leaders and technical staff who provide assistance to small and mid-sized businesses across North America.

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