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Krify Software Technologies, a leading software company, developed a new skoolonline app that eliminates hurdles among education management, teachers, children, drivers and parents which enables more safety for a child and about the pattern of the school. The app can access the resource to develop exciting and unique curriculum connecting the teachers, parents, and drivers. It helps and reduces the tensions regarding safety and classes.
The app appears under three modules.
1. Skoolonline parent app connects parents with schools. A parent can have access to update and view the fees, fees due date, attendance, examination schedule, and results. It sends a notification regarding the attendance, fees, exams, and results. And even can apply leaves when requires.
Skoolonline parent app link:
2. Skoolonline teacher app connects the management with parents. Its feature can update the homework for all students at a time. The teacher can even upgrade the attendance and finalize the present and absent and applied for leave at the end of the day. The teacher can also comment on that particular student and Parent as both of them receive the notification.
Skoolonline teacher app link:
3. Skoolonline driver app connects with the management and parents. It allows you to track the path of the school bus and position in real time. It provides access to the driver. The driver can select the option ‘start journey’ which allows the real-time position of the bus. The driver can also get the details of students of a particular route intimating parents when reached destination. By selecting the option ‘end journey’ by notifying to parents.
Skoolonline driver app link:
This app design provides easier navigation and more in-depth information about all programs and services regarding their children resulting most friendly user interface.
The company has significantly dramatically over the years presenting full services organization and innovative solutions to families and education management. The app allows the user to access all the information regarding everything.
Krify is an IT industry explorer in education based solutions and developed many education-based apps. It ensures quality education and innovative services to individuals with outstanding requirements.
As a leader in a web app and mobile app development services since 2014 Krify offers complete outstanding solutions that integrated with design and planning and configuration, installation and support.