Pandit Girish Sharma has been offering astrology services to help solve people’s problem. From more than 20 years he has worked for the welfare of human kind and is the best astrologer in Delhi.

New Delhi, India, 8th March 2019

Astrology can be effectively used for the service of humanity. Humans face a variety of problems in their life. It can be personal health problems, financial problems, marriage problems or any kind of problems. Astrology provides a solution for all these problems. The Best Astrologer in Delhi can provide you solutions that can solve your problems and improve your well-being. Delhites can visit Pandit Girish Sharma to get the best astrology services.

Pandit Girish Sharma has been offering Astrology Services in Delhi for more than 20 years. His knowledge of the astrological texts and his experience has made him famous and acknowledged as the best astrologer. Whether it is preparing and analyzing horoscopes or matching horoscopes for marriages or providing nivaran or solution for doshas or faults in the horoscope, Pandit Sharma is the one you need to approach.

For those planning a marriage, Panditji provides the Best kundli matching in Delhi. He compares the kundlis and matches and also provides solutions in case of any problems in the matching. Apart from astrological services Panditji also does havans and poojas for the overall well-being of people and to solve specific problems they face. One of the poojas he performs is Sunderkand Path in Delhi.

Sunderkand is a chapter from the Ramayana written by Tulsidas. Path or recitation of the Sunderkand is believed to create positive vibes and can create a sense of peace, and well-being. It can ward off evil and negative influences and can solve many problems that people face. The Sunderkand Path benefits include relief from negative planetary influences.

Panditji helps organize the
Sunderkand path so that you can benefit from the recitation and help to improve the general well-being of everyone who attends.

Pandit Girish Sharma is also well-known for organizing Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja in Delhi. Kaal sarp dosha or the ill effects of the black snake is an astrological phenomenon that occurs when the planets in a person’s horoscope fall between the two malefic planets Rahu and Ketu. This can cause a variety of problems, sufferings, and pains. Panditji is well-experienced in solving these problems by conducting the Kaal sarp dosh puja. The puja conducted as per traditional rites and rituals on an Amavasya that falls on a Wednesday will definitely help to solve problems faced by individuals.

Pitra dosh puja is another ceremony performed by Pandit Girish Sharma. It helps to relieve our ancestors of all their doshas or bad karmas. When the debts of our ancestors are relieved by performing this puja, it affects us and solves all our problems. Panditji performs this puja by chanting 125,000 Saturn vedic mantras that would help to relieve of all bad karmas.